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Welcome To My Home Page!!!.

Welcome to My Home Page.

This Web site features exactly what it features.

My Trucks

Ok a little about me i am 15 i love workin on cars and trucks no fords not yet atleast. i will be workin some more on this site.

Ok about my 72 i got it off of my uncle Tom for the way it is in the pics along with the 72 frame. any ways i am doing a frame off puting a 4speed muncie init duel fuel tanks like it had when it came out havent decided on a engine yet i want some 4in hollow side pipes to go on it blue metalic color with some silver flames havent decided if i want ghost flames or not yet anyways when i get some more done to it i will post some pics

About my IH my uncle(sam) found it for sale one day anyways we all went with him to get it and he drove it alot massed it up some to. anyways it is a 1100 it's got a 345 with T98 4speed warner trans and a Dana 44 locking rear oh and manual steering sucks when you backing up haha especally when you got a 16foot trailer behind you it is black i am goin to do some body work to it and some engine work to. guess thats it.for now atleast.

and i do have some animals to i will put some pics in my gallery.

If anyone has got any advice info or anything they want to tell me send me a email in the link below. i will take all the help i can get haha.

Send me an e-mail

My Corkboard

Stop in and sighn my guess book while your here.